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SAPAA is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious member-driven national organization focused on serving the interests of Sudanese Americans, empowering communities, and developing future leaders.


"Uplifting the Community & Empowering Our Youth"

The Sudanese American Public Affairs Association (SAPAA) extends its warm congratulations to the Sudanese American Community and the people of Sudan at large for the hard-fought victory of transition to civilian rule achieved Saturday August 17, 2019.


The people of Sudan have endured 30 years of killings, repression, dislocation, and severe violations of human rights. Yet the will of the Sudanese people was never broken. The agreement signed today, though imperfect, paves the road to a new era of civilian rule, accountability, inclusion, and the rule of law to all the people of Sudan regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or place of birth.


The Sudanese American community has played a pivotal rule over the past 30 years in resisting, raising awareness, and galvanizing public support for the struggle of the people of Sudan for peace, equality, freedom and a better life. You have organized marches, sit-ins, wrote letters, donated money to support the cause, and lobbied elected officials for action on Sudan. Your collective efforts and the tremendous sacrifices of the people of Sudan have finally been rewarded with triumph and a transition to civilian rule and a new beginning for Sudan.


SAPAA stands ready to pool our community resources to support the new transitional government in Sudan to achieve the dreams of our people for a better life. We urge our community to remain engaged by   

1. Addressing their elected officials to take action regarding Sudan.

2. Highlighting and drawing attention of the general public to the situation through social media and all available means.

3. Donating to support our people in Sudan


SAPAA is committed to continued advocacy on issues that impact Sudanese Americans. We are working in close coordination with a coalition of Sudanese American organizations and will continue to make announcements through our groups and social media channels.

In gratitude, 

SAPAA Board of Directors


To promote and strengthen the well-being of Sudanese American communities by increasing engagement through education, public awareness, self-empowerment, and positive contributions, ultimately enhancing leadership development, resources, and providing better opportunities for Sudanese Americans


SAPAA seeks to engage Sudanese Americans and friends in order to build stronger, prosperous communities, and impact public policy on issues of concern to the Sudanese American community in the USA. Through such engagement SAPAA serve as a catalyst for self-empowerment, civic education and a networking forum encouraging full participation of its members in local and national political processes


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