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Our Health First
SYLA - SAPAA Youth Leadership Academy 
Immigrant and Refugee Support

SAPAA will provide individuals additional supports, nutrition consultations and physical activity programs to help sustain their healthy lifestyle changes and cultural barriers. 


The program covers

Nutritional Classes

Disease prevention resources 

Healthy Living, Healthy Family

Senior Wellness

Health Insurance Literacy

Community Health Navigation

Our youth program, SYLA (SAPAA Youth Leadership Academy) focuses on developing leadership skills, community pride, cultural identity, program planning, college, and career planning, and resource mobilization.


SYLA members are responsible for the development and delivery of opportunities that foster youth leadership for SAPAA youth members. This includes visioning and implementing ways for all youth in SAPAA to grow their leadership, activism, volunteerism, public speaking, and entrepreneurship skills; expanding and coordinating participation in local, statewide and national leadership opportunities; highlighting and incorporating Sudanese heritage and cultural pride.


SYLA members also engage in mentorship opportunities, civic engagement, and advocacy. 


The program covers 

Life Skill Workshops 

Overall Health Discussions (Mental, physical, emotional) 

Financial Literacy 


Career Building and Advancement

College Prep / Financial Aid Assistance 

Computer Skills 

Resume and Interview skills 

Document Translation

ESL Classes

Know your rights

Career retooling 

What We Do?

Serve The Sudanese American Community 




Community Services


Career Advice



As a community-based organization, SAPAA hosts events and programs meant for all ages.

Let us know if you want to bring any of these programs or events to your city!

Houston ACA Introduction & Sign Up, March 2014 

Houston Home Ownership Workshop, Apr 2015

Houston ACA open enrollment Nov 2015

Denver voter education & registration Oct 2018

Houston IT Retooling Workshop Dec 2018

Denver Health Fair Feb 2019

Boca Raton Open House & IT Retooling Feb 2019

Washington DC -  2013
Virginia - 2014
New York - 2015
Chicago - 2016
Philadelphia - 2017
Flint - 2018

Denver Colorado - 2019

Passed Events

Dallas - 2014 
Houston - 2015
Iowa City - 2015 
Philadelphia - 2016
Denver - 2017 
Flint - 2017

SAPAA'S Health Fair - Denver, CO - Feb 2019, was a success


Ramadan Iftar 

Dear Valued Community Member, 


On behalf of the SAPAA board, staff, and youth program, we appreciate you joining or Ramadan Dinner event that was held on Sunday, May 27th, 2019. We had a wonderful time getting to know our supporters and engaging in conversation. 


SAPAA recognizes the challenges and contributions of the world's youth and seeks to increase their access to opportunity, safe space, and to highlight and celebrate their perspectives. We discovered that our individual experiences as well as similarities, in terms of outlook and challenges, spans generational borders. Our conversations demonstrated intelligence, passion, and a desire for change on all levels. We appreciate you for allowing this to happen and look forward to your support in the future. 


We would like to cordially invite you to our 7th Annual SAPAA Convention and Youth Summit on August 2-4th, at the Sheraton Denver Downton Hotel. The theme for this year’s conference is “Celebrating Unity, Building for Tomorrow”. This event is a three-day gathering of focused and interactive networking and leadership development. 


The conference will feature speakers, Sudanese dancers, and forums for discussion. We will be discussing mental health in the diaspora and the stigma brought on by cultural aspects. We will also be discussing the generational gap between the parents and the generation growing up in the states.  The conference experience is an opportunity for the Sudanese American community to celebrate our resilience, appreciate our culture, and look to the future.


Our Youth Summit empowers youth to explore innovative ideas for addressing mental health, personal development, promoting intergenerational dialogue, and fostering youth leadership. 

Please contact me if you would like more information about SAPAA and our 2019 conference.  You may also visit our website: www.sapaa.org.  


Your support and generosity are truly appreciated!       



Wafa Saeed

CEO & Executive Director

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